Co-Founder (July 2017 - today)

  • Contributed to over 30% of the open-source data science knowledge base on the web application
  • Increased website traffic with integration of Data Science @ UCSB and Data Science Inc.

Content Writer

Data Science Inc. (December 2017 – now)

  • Contributed guest articles featuring walk-throughs for data science applications
  • Explained Machine Learning algorithms and implementation with both R and Python garnering over 4k views
  • Created interactive dashboards to showcase machine learning models and time series forecasting using Shiny (R) and Dash (Python)

Data Analyst

Hospice of Santa Barbara (July 2017 - today)

  • Utilize the E.T.L. (extract, transform, load) process using PostgreSQL to spearhead data warehousing within the non-profit organization
  • Create concise reports in R and Python to understand organizational and client demographics
  • Analyze and query databases using PostgreSQL to consolidate data and understand patterns in patient care

President (Previous: Project Manager)

Data Science at UCSB (Project Manager: January 2017 – October 2017 - President: November 2017 - today)

  • Mentor students of all skill level to build and publish data science projects for increased exposure to industry work
  • Plan and host workshops on SQL, Python, and various frameworks to allow students to gain familiarity in accelerated working environments
  • Oversee the weekly operations of the club to increase notoriety on campus and in Santa Barbara
  • Correspond with industry leaders, faculty, and experts in the data science field to expand club network and procure sponsorships and opportunities

Bachelor of Science, Statistical Science

University of California, Santa Barbara (2016)

  • Relevant Coursework: Regression Analysis, Time Series, Risk Theory, Data Mining, Design of Experiments, Sampling Techniques, Non-Parametric Methods

Event Planning (Django Girls - Santa Barbara), Statistics, Machine Learning, R, Python, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), Git, Linux (Ubuntu), Windows, Public Speaking, pySpark, Shiny, Dash