Not too long ago, I decided that website creation wasn’t my cup of tea, so finding a purpose to build and maintain a website (besides putting on resume) was my first step in this site’s creation.


I took a step back and thought about what this website would represent in terms of context and usefulness for people who happen to stumble across it. What stood out to me was Data. As I progress through my data science career, I see a lot of utility in creating write ups and explanations for things I learn and eventually implement.

Writing my thoughts has proven to be beneficial because I am forced to explain my process for the things I do. Although often riddled with grammatical errors, I have often wrote long winded explanations for project on inertia7. This has helped me understand core concepts ranging from data viz to machine learning and everything in between.

The next question you may ask is what then is the difference between the writings here and inertia7.

Difference in Writing styles

For much of the write up that I produce for inertia7, it is very technical and covers the step-by-step process of a specific project. This is a great writing style imo because it helps break down code for me, and I have adopted it from other resources I have used online when I first started learning how to program (I’ll include a list of resources that I used as inspiration).

I wanted to make this website a departure from that style of writing, along with wanting something less formal and project oriented. There were often times where I wanted to create a quick blurb regarding a certain concept without attaching it to a specific project or dataset. The main reasoning for this is because I’m a workaholic, meaning that often times when my intention is to do a quick blurb I end up spewing massive amounts of information or unintentionally creating a new project. I have felt this can be overwhelming to people and can derail the original intention. As well as being time consuming as all hell.

Enter this Blog

Enter this blog, I want to use this blog to give useful tidbits regarding all things data science. When I first started self-teaching myself data science, online blogs were fundamental in my journey. I would not be where I am at without the kindness of random strangers who have experience the same problems and decided to write about them.

This is what I aim to do and hope anyone reading this will benefit from and in turn pay it forward for other people starting their data science career.